Our own brands


CEL is C.E. Lindgrens own brand, specialized in brushes and other painting tools. By using high quality painting tools, and by looking after them well, you ensure the best possible outcome.

Read more about our products on our website: www.cel.fi and in the catalogue.


E. Vuorio Oy is a producer and manufacturer of construction tools. The company became a part of C.E. Lindgren through an acquisition in June 2017. E. Vuorio was founded in 1928, which makes it one of the oldest construction companies in Finland. E. Vuorios products are designed especially with professional construction workers in mind.

Read more about the company here: www.evuorio.fi and in the catalogue.





C.E. Lindgren has cooperated with Anza AB, the biggest producer of painting tools in Scandinavia, for several years.

Read more about Anza here: www.anza.fi


Established in 2005, Folsen provides industrial manufacturers, professional craftsmen and everyday consumers with premium quality tapes and protective films recognized for their outstanding performance. Lindgren represents Folsen products in Finland.

For more information on Folsen, please visit: https://folsen.eu/


CEL, E. Vuorio,  Anza and Folsen products are available at well-equipped retail stores throughout the country.